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Effective July 17, 2023, Marki Microwave Inc. acquired the business of Precision Millimeter Wave LLC. All existing orders and sales inquiries will be processed by Marki Microwave. For questions, please contact [email protected]

When Quality Matters

DC to Sub-THz

Products for millimeter wave engineers & systems developers.

Multipliers for Millimeter Wave Ghz

Precision Multipliers

Precision multipliers are built with the built with high quality materials and utilize a combination of the latest Schottkey Diode and MMIC technology…

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RF Power Detectors and Amplitude Detetcors

RF Power Detectors

These Detectors utilize a very sensitive Low- Barrier Schottkey Diode. Great for radar systems, frequency counters power monitoring, communications…

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Custom Waveguide Products for Millimeter Wave Ghz

Waveguide Products

Waveguide products like straight waveguides, bends, twists and more are precision manufactured to provide the absolute best in quality needs…

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“We provide clients with high quality RF products to meet and exceed their expectations. We manufacture millimeter wave products and waveuide RF components for your needs. Contact us today.”

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Trusted Globally

Some of the best organizations globally use us.


Our Company

Founded by former Millitech & Raytheon engineers with decades of experience. Precision MMW is dedicated in becoming one of the top quality millimeter wave product, sub-assembly and system builders to help you meet your goals.

We are quality driven above all other needs. We know you need the best and intend to meet and exceed those expectations.

100% Made in USA products with operations in both Florida & Massachusetts.

USA Manufacturing

We Build Relationships

We do not look at you as a customer, we see you as a partner.

Precision MMW Processes

Advanced machining and test lab needed.

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