AST SpaceMobile Creating a New Communication Paradigm

AST SpaceMobile is aiming to revolutionize the telecommunications industry with its space-based cellular broadband network. This will make it possible for standard mobile phones to access the internet from anywhere, at any time – a first in the history of space exploration. With the successful deployment of their test satellite BW3, AST SpaceMobile has taken an important step in bringing this vision to reality. The satellite contains a communications array which allows AST SpaceMobile to transmit data with unprecedented speed and reach. This will enable users to access high-speed internet from any location without any geographical limitations, making it ideal for remote areas or extreme weather conditions where traditional cellular networks may not be available.

In addition, BW3 is expected to have a field of view of over 300,000 square miles on the surface of the Earth. This will make it possible for AST SpaceMobile to provide users with access to even more areas where cellular networks may not be available. With its innovative technology, AST SpaceMobile is looking to revolutionize global internet connectivity and provide unprecedented access to the world’s digital networks.

The successful launch of BW3 is an important milestone in AST SpaceMobile’s mission to revolutionize global internet connectivity and offer unprecedented access to the world’s digital networks. The company is now looking forward to launching more satellites as part of their space-based cellular broadband network, with the ultimate goal of creating a global telecommunications infrastructure that provides access to high-speed internet from anywhere on Earth.

AST SpaceMobile Satellite Array Blue Walker 3

AST SpaceMobile Satellite Array Blue Walker 3

About AST SpaceMobile

With its more than 2,400 patent and patent-pending claims supporting its space-based cellular broadband technology, AST SpaceMobile is a company to watch in the coming months and years.

“Every person should have the right to access cellular broadband, regardless of where they live or work. Our goal is to close the connectivity gaps that negatively impact billions of lives around the world,” said Abel Avellan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AST SpaceMobile. “The successful unfolding of BlueWalker 3 is a major step forward for our patented space-based cellular broadband technology and paves the way for the ongoing production of our BlueBird satellites.”

AST SpaceMobile is also currently developing agreements and understandings with mobile network operators (“MNOs”) globally that have over 1.8 billion existing subscribers, including a mutual exclusivity with Vodafone in 24 countries. Interconnecting with AST SpaceMobile’s planned network will allow MNOs, including Vodafone Group, Rakuten Mobile, AT&T, Bell Canada, MTN Group, Orange, Telefonica, Etisalat, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, Millicom, Smartfren, Telecom Argentina, Telstra , Africell, Liberty Latin America and others.

“We want to close coverage gaps in our markets, particularly in territories where the terrain makes it extremely challenging to reach with a traditional ground-based network. Our partnership with AST SpaceMobile connecting satellite directly to conventional mobile devices will help in our efforts to close the digital divide,” said Luke Ibbetson, Head of Group R&D, Vodafone.

Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony and an AST SpaceMobile director, added “Our mission is to democratize access to mobile connectivity: That is why we are so excited about the potential of AST SpaceMobile to support disaster-readiness and meet our goal of 100% geographical coverage to our customers in Japan. I look forward not only to testing BW3 on our world-leading cloud-native network in Japan but also working with AST SpaceMobile on integrating our virtualized radio network technology to help bring connectivity to the world.”

As AST SpaceMobile begins its journey toward worldwide mobile access for all, it is doing so by offering an array of services to its partners and customers. Its current portfolio includes both consumer-facing products and business-oriented solutions, such as the recently announced AST SpaceMobile Messaging Platform, which enables users to send SMS messages using the company’s satellite network in remote locations.

The launch of BW3 is a major milestone for AST SpaceMobile and a crucial step in its mission to bring cellular broadband access to the world. The company is now looking forward to powering up more of its BlueWalker satellites and furthering its efforts to revolutionize global internet connectivity and provide unprecedented access to the world’s digital networks.

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