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Waveguide Cross Guide Coupler

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• Full band Operation

• Compact Sizes

• Low VSWR

• Rugged Construction

high directivity couplers

Waveguide Cross Guide Coupler

Waveguide cross guide couplers are devices which divert a fraction of the signal on one transmission line to another transmission line. The signal exiting the output port of the first transmission line is called the “through”  signal since it’s connected to the input port and the RF signal exiting the other transmission line is called the “coupled” signal. Because these coupled frequency signals are related to the direction of the through signals, couplers are called directional couplers.

A cross guide coupler is a compact directional coupler. It does not have a very high directivity but still a good one.

PrecisionMMW will always recommend our block (directional) couplers due to its better overall performance.

Compared to a multi-hole directional couplers, crossguide couplers offer lower insertion loss and a smaller size along with insertion length.

Commonly sed in:

• Measurement Systems

• Transmitter Applications / Dummy Loads

• Satellite

• Microwave Radio

• Source Leveling

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Waveguide Cross Guide Coupler

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