WR-08 RF Detector

Part # DET-08-P00

Precision mmw F band Detectors are built with high quality materials and by experienced high precision assemblers. These Detectors utilize a very sensitive Low- Barrier Schottkey Diode.

Features of WR-08 RF Detector

  • 90GHz to 140GHz
  • Greater than 700mV/mW sensitivity
  • Less than 3.4dB variation over band
  • Compact and lightweigh

WR-08, RF Detector Applications

  • Radar Systems
  • Frequency Counters
  • Power Monitoring
  • Communication Systems
  Frequency Range   90GHz to 140GHz
Sensitivity   700mV/mW Minimum
                    Flatness   +/-1.7dB Maximum
      Linear Range   -35 to -10dBm Typical
  Operating Range   -40 to +15dBm Typical

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