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From Prototyping to Research Assitance

Precision MMW can help your organization with engineering solutions to full-fill specific needs. From prototyping, custom products, design and more.

If it falls in our spectrum of abilities we’d love to help you find solution. We know, working as engineers for many years, the struggle that can occur from finding reputable and quality sources of products. With us, our brand will become synonymous to quality first in everything we do.

We have worked with projects involving military RADAR systems,  electronic warfare units as well as commercial RF solutions like 5G & 6G cellular systems as well as automotive RADAR/communications systems. Our customers range from telecom, government to university research engineers.

Our ability to work one-on-one with key personnel in providing mmWave components and systems is crucial to anyone in this industry.

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Our commitment to quality is paramount for your and us as a company.
Your trust is earned, not given.

We don’t just build products…
We build relationships.

Made In the USA

All design and manufacturing is done here in the USA with operations in both Florida & Massachusetts. PrecisionMMW is leading the vanguard of high-technology small business manufacturing. For decades high technology was heavily an import only norm when it came to advanced electronics, communication electronics & more.

Companies like ours are changing that. Join us as the US, along with its allies and partner countries globally establish supply lines and manufacturing sources for better product outcomes.

If you have any questions or need a quote please email us or give us a call.

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Consult with our engineering staff on your mmWave needs today. As an OEM provider, you’ll deal with design, machining & RF testing professionals that can help you with your engineering needs.

We’d love to help.


Random RF Fact:

In 1996 the United States Air Force patented a radio device for transmitting

audio speech signals (specifically voices) directly into a person’s head.