The technology powerhouses of Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE teamed up to and achieved the world’s fastest 5G mmWave standalone data connection. They showed very impressive results in two scenarios:

-Throughput speeds of nearly 7Gbps peak rate for downlink and 2.1 Gbps for uplink.

5G standalone mmWave allows for the deployment of 5G networks and devices without using an anchor on LTE or sub-6 GHz spectrum. This gives operators more flexibility to deliver wireless fiber broadband access with multi-Gigabit speeds and ultra-low latency to residential and commercial customers. Use of mmWave standalone without an anchor also enables green field fixed wireless access deployments for all use-cases.

Under the technical guidance of China’s IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group, Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE accomplished nearly 7Gbps downlink peak rate achievement over 5G standalone mmWave in the 26 GHz band (n258), supported by a DDDSU frame structure. The companies achieved the 2.1Gbps uplink utilizing a DSUUU frame structure. The milestones were achieved on the Snapdragon® X70 5G Modem-RF System Mobile Test Platform connected to ZTE’s infrastructure in ZTE’s Shanghai lab, across 4×200 MHz downlink and 2×200 MHz uplink bandwidths.

“We’re proud to collaborate with ZTE on this milestone, a significant next step in the evolution and upcoming commercialization of 5G standalone mmWave,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, cellular modems and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “This demonstration highlights the potential for wireless fiber to power enhanced consumer experiences and facilitate digital transformation—with faster peak speeds, more available connections, lower latency, and higher throughput.”

5G, 5G-NR, & 6G technologies continue to evolve and companies globally are continually innovating new ways to deliver high speed data throughput with redundancy and near instant latency to allow for future applications of communications. Companies like Precision MMW are one of many providers globally that help in that process by providing companies with millimeter wave products, engineering and support in their quest to evolve the telecommunications industry.


  • Achievement demonstrates the high performance and unique features of the Snapdragon X70 Modem-RF System connected to ZTE’s wireless infrastructure.
  • Supports the validation testing needs of the China IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion group for a standalone mmWave solution in 2022.
  • 5G standalone mmWave gives mobile operators and internet service providers more flexibility to deploy fixed internet access using wireless fiber technology.

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