6X Multiplier WR-10

Part Number: MUL-10-AF0
Precision mmwave W-band Multipliers are built with high quality materials and utilize a combination of the latest Schottkey Diode and MMIC technology. An internal Bias/Regulator circuit included for single voltage supply.

Features of 6X Multiplier WR-10

• 75 GHz to 110 GHz
• Greater than 10dBm output power
• Low input drive power
• Removable Heatsink can be provided
• Side and Bottom mounting holes
• Compact and lightweight

5G Systems
Frequency Extenders

Source Modules

Communication Systems

6X Multiplier WR-10 Specifications

Output Frequency Range: 75GHz to 110GHz
Output Power: 10dBm Minimum
Input Frequency Range: 12.5GHz to 18.3GHz
Input Power: 0 to +3dBm Typical (+10dBm Max)
Spurious: -20dBc Typical
Biasing: +8 @ 600mA Typical

6X Multiplier WR-10, W-Band, 75GHz to 110GHz

PrecisionMMW W-band Multipliers are for the millimeter wave range of frequencies of 75GHz to 110GHz (GHz).

The multipliers we produce offer moderate conversion gain with output frequencies covering 18 to 140 GHz in six waveguide bands. The 2X, 3X, 6X are offered as standard multiplication factors. The input power requirement for these multipliers is +5 to +10 dBm.

We are actively building more models and can build to specifications requested. Please consult with our engineering team.

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