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Directional Couplers

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Directional Couplers


Directional Coupler

What are they – A coupler is used to sample/measure a signal while not interrupting it. It can also be used to measure reflected signals when used in reverse. Waveguide directional couplers allow for monitoring of power without altering the characteristics of the transmission line.

A directional coupler has four ports, where one is referred as the input, one is referred as the “through” port (where most of the incident signal exits), one is referred as the “coupled” port (where a fixed fraction of the input signal appears, usually expressed in dB), and one is referred as the “isolated” port, which is terminated. On some commercial couplers the fourth (isolated) port is terminated internally with a matched load, thereby making a four port device seem like a three port device. Pretty genius!

Our block style directional couplers are a 4 port device with one port internally terminated with a match load. One port is called the input, one is called the through or output port. The other is called the coupled port. This is the port that receives a fraction of the input signal measured in a dB value.

Precision MMW will help you with the highest directional coupler product needs. We are a millimeter wave spectrum manufacturer of various active and passive mmWave products and sub-system engineering.

Directional Coupler

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