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High Directivity Couplers

Precision MMW is manufacturing high directivity couplers for the mmwave & microwave RF industry.

Our updated design and fabrication process is almost complete.

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High Directivity Coupler

High Directivity Waveguide Couplers are used in RF applications requiring short insertion length with high directivity. Our high directivity couplers have standard coupling values of 20db, 30db, 40db or 50db. Additional coupling values are available but the length of the coupler may change.

The Directivity in a coupler is the ratio between the input signal at the coupled port and the unwanted reflected signal at the coupled port. It is a measure of how well the coupler isolates two opposite-traveling (forward and reverse) signals at the coupled port. When a coupler has a high directivity, it means that the reflections from the output port will cause less interference at the coupled port.

Precision MMW will help you with the highest quality high directivity coupler products. We are a millimeter wave spectrum manufacturer of various active and passive mmWave products and sub-system engineering.

High Directivity Coupler

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