Circular Waveguide Transition

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Circular Waveguide Transition

These waveguide transitions connect standard rectangular waveguide to circular waveguide with a minimum ofRF  loss and reflections. Theese feature a wide bandwidth and low VSWR for increased capability.

Circular Waveguide Transitions are available with a variety of flange types to join two components of the same waveguide.

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high directivity couplers

Low Noise Amplifiers

A Low noise amplifier or LNA is a RF amplifier that produces high frequency signals while maintaining great signal to noise ratio. These amplifiers are used at the beginning of the Rx stage to amplify a signal with minimal degradation. The specs that determines the noise in a LNA is called noise figure. The lower the noise figure of an LNA, the better the performance of these products.

Key LNA features:

Frequency (MHz)

Gain (dB)

Noise Figure (dB)

P1dB or Power Compression (dBm or W)

Precision MMW will help you with the highest quality Low noise amplifier product needs. We are a millimeter wave spectrum manufacturer of various active and passive mmWave products and sub-system engineering.

Circular Waveguide Transition

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