Conical Horn Antenna

12GHz to 325GHz

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Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horns

Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horns

Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horns

Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horns

Conical Horn Antennas

We have Conical Horns from 12 GHz to 325 GHz available.

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Conical Horn Antenna

Conical Horns


Conical Horn Antenna

Conical horn antennas can be used to experimentally determine the gain of other antennas. The conical horn and the antenna under test are alternately connected to a detector system in order to compare the relative power levels. The power level difference is then added to the appropriate level of the calibration curve and will determine the absolute gain of the antenna under testing.

Conical horns are also useful as power monitors in radars transmitter test, known-gain radiators in field propagation studies, and transmitting or receiving antennas in test bench applications for RF needs.

Key features:

• Nominal Gain of 10, 15, 20, and 25 dBi

• Made with Precise Dimensional Tolerance Control

• Gain Calibration is accurate to 0.5 dB over operating bandwidth.

• 10, 15, 20 and 25dB models are available in all bands. Custom sizes also available.

• Gain calibration is an optional feature.

Precision MMW will help you with the highest quality conical horn antenna product needs. We are a millimeter wave spectrum manufacturer of various active and passive mmWave products and sub-system engineering.

Conical Horn Antenna

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