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Direct Reading Attenuator

WR-15 Direct Reading Attenuator

Direct Reading Attenuator

WR-12 Direct Reading Attenuator

Direct Reading Attenuator

WR-10 Direct Reading Attenuator

Direct Reading Attenuator

WR-08 Direct Reading Attenuator


Direct Reading Attenuators

Direct-reading Precision Attenuators provide 0 to 60 dB of calibrated attenuation by rotation of a resistive card mounted in a circular waveguide section. These units are often referred to as precision rotary vane attenuators or DRA’s also. They are manually controlled and certain models ha digital controls.

These products are a calibrated lab grade instrument. That is used to adjust or attenuate a rf signal with great flatness across a given waveguide band. They are used to calibrate test lines or other test RF equipment. They are a great instrument for…..sanity checks, linearity of detectors, protection of sensitive equipment. Lots of different testing procedures possible with direct reading attenuators.

Key features in DRAs’:

• Low VSWR

• Direct Reading

• Low Insertion Loss

• Negligible Phase Shift

• Precision Construction

• Frequency Independent

• High Attenuation Accuracy

Direct Reading Attenuators

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