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Horn Lens Antenna

WR-15 Horn Lens Antenna

Horn Lens Antenna

WR-12 Horn Lens Antenna

Horn Lens Antenna

WR-10 Horn Lens Antenna

Horn Lens Antenna

WR-08 Horn Lens Antenna


Horn Lens Antenna

A horn lens antenna or horn antenna is a circular scalar feed horn with a piano-convex lens. Horn lens waveguide antennas are used in a wide variety of applications due to their high power handling capability, low loss, high directivity, and near constant electrical performance across a broad bandwidth. Housed in either aluminum or plastic, these horn lens antennas provide a high efficiency beam with equal E and H plane amplitude patterns.

  • Sectoral Horn Antenna
  • Pyramidal Horn Antenna
  • Conical Horn Antenna


• Low Cost Antennas

• High Directivity & Gain

• Simple Performance

• Wide Range of Beamwidths and Reflector Sizes


• Radar & Telemetry

• Space Astronomy

• Electronic Warfare Equipment

Horn Lens Antenna

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