Wide Band Isolator

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Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator

Wide Band Isolator


Wide Band Isolator

A wide band isolator uses the Faraday principle of rotation in a broadband dielectric waveguide design to achieve high isolation across full waveguide bands. High-quality ferrite material is used and during operation, a magnetic field is produced by an integral permanent magnet.

To ensure RF signal quality and performance, a combination of precise machining operations and refined assembly techniques are used.

What do they do– Wide band isolator is put in to suppress standing waves in your systems.

An isolator is a two-port device that transmits RF  signals in one direction only. Using the Faraday principle of rotation it uses permanent magnets and ferrites. The propagation in one direction is allowed while the other direction is blocked and absorbed.

Key features:

• Low insertion loss

• Full waveguide band

• Excellent isolation across the band

Precision MMW breakthrough in machining and design technology are achieving even better performance and lower loss specifications due to patent pending advancements. We are a millimeter wave spectrum manufacturer of various active and passive mmWave products and sub-system engineering.

Wide Band Isolator

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