WR-12, Power Divider

Part # COS-12-M00
Precision Millimeter Wave Power Dividers are 1 inch square, made of Brass and then gold plated. They provide an equal power split with low insertion loss. When power is applied to the input port it is divided between the two output ports to result in equal power split and in-phase output signals.

Features of WR-12, Power Divider

  • 60GHz to 90GHz
  • Insertion loss 0.5 TYP
  • 20 dB Isolation
  • Power Balance 0.5 dB


  • 5G Systems
  • Power division
  • Signal splitting
  • Communication Systems

WR-12, Power Divider Specifications

      Frequency Range   60GHz to 90GHz
Insertion Loss   0.5 dB typical
        Band width   90 %
        Isolation   20 dB between port 1 and 2
      VSWR input     1.6:1
      VSWR output     1.5:1

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