WR-22 Low Noise Amplifier

Part # AMP-22-L1.85

Precision Millimeter Wave WR-22 Low Noise Amplifier is built with high quality materials and utilize a combination of the latest MMIC technology.

An internal Bias/Regulator circuit included for single voltage supply.

Input Port: SWR Special Flange

Output Port: 1.85mm

Features of WR-22 Low Noise Amplifier

● 45GHz to 50GHz
● Greater than 20dB Gain
● Less than 4dB Noise Figure
● Space Qualified
● Side and Bottom mounting holes
● Compact and lightweight

WR-22 Low Noise Amplifier Specs

Frequency Range: 45GHz to 50GHz
Output: P1dB 10dBm Minimum
Gain: 20dB Minimum
Noise Figure: 4dB Maximum
Input Power: +3dBm Maximum
Biasing: +5V @ 200mA Typical

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